Gold Loan
Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited
Looking forward to getting Gold loan for your child married this year and struggling with the finances?
Facing a medical emergency and not sure where to get the funds from?
Shutting down your child’s dream of studying abroad because of low cash flow? Well, if you too are facing any related problem where the requirement of your cash residue is not sustainable, Arthvaya Gold Loans scheme is the one you can rely upon. Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited, one of the India’s leading Nidhi Companies in Bihar offers a risk-free experience to avail gold loan in India. Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited invites candidates looking for gold loan options with easy schemes, repayment options, and lowest interest rates. We offer gold loan plan if your requirement is anywhere between Rs 5,000 to maximum Rs 1 Lakhs. Loans are available from the time period ranging from one month to a year. Our gold offers/loans do not have any lock-in-period and there is no charge for prepayment penalties.
You can easily repay your loan earlier than the scheduled time, just the way you desire. Any candidate possessing some gold, in the form of raw Gold biscuits, Ornaments or any other form, can avail the loan on best and attractive Gold Loan Interest rate.
We offer Gold Loan Schemes with the submission of your gold jewelry at your nearest branches of Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited. The loan amount will be offered as per the value of your gold jewelry which will be estimated by the purity of your gold jewelry (the range in karat 18K to 24 K). We can ensure you the safety and the correct measurement of value for your gold, without you being worried about any kind of risks involved. We treat your gold as our obligation so you don’t need to fret upon the submission anytime. We work for best gold loan services to make you realize that even though you don’t find anyone that care about your dreams, we can offer you a hand to support you and achieve that dream together.
Advantages of Gold Loan Services:
• No strenuous paper work
• Offers for the amount ₹5000 to ₹1Lakhs
• Quick and fast processing of loan
• Minimum documents required
• Easy payment format
• Round the clock availability
Terms & Condition
• Nidhi provides loans only to its members. So, before applying, you need to be a member first.
• Loans to the members will be given against the securities of Gold, Silver and other Jewelry.
• Gold loan will range from ₹5000 to ₹1,00,000.
• Rate of interest on loan against gold would be 17% to 20%.
• Repayment period of such loan will not exceed one year in case of Gold, Silver, and Jewelry.
• The rate of interest will be calculated on reducing balance method.
• In case of non-repayment of gold loan installment for 12 months, Arthvaya India Nidhi Ltd. shall have all the ownership right of that gold.
• If the gold value is more than the loan remaining amount then after deducting the sale expenses and 6% penalty on remaining loan interest amount, remaining amount will be given to the loan holder.
Required Documents
When you need to opt for the gold loan schemes, the company requires the documents for security. The company requires documents of identity proof such as Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID and one document of residential address proof like the Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Credit Card Statement, House Tax, lease Documents or a letter from a reputed employer. The candidate who completes all the above requirements is eligible for the acquisition of gold loan. Contact our Branch customer support executive if you still have any doubts left and then watch your dream go bigger.
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