Savings Account
Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited
Opening a Savings Account (SA) at Arthvaya India Nidhi Ltd comes with many added privileges compared to other Financial Institution, co-operative societies and banks. Arth Vaya India provides a No Frills Account to members, i.e. the members can operate the account at zero balance too.
Additionally, you also get annual 5.25%* of savings account interest rate which is compounded on a quarterly basis.
Arthvaya India Savings Account Features & Benefits
• Minimum Balance Required – NIL (No Frills Account) • 1 Lac Accidental Insurance
• Interest Rate – 5.25%* per annum (Quarterly Interest pay out) • Unlimited Transactions without any charges
• No TDS Deduction on interest for Members (as per current IT act) • Nomination Facility
• SMS Facility  
High Interest Savings Account
Being one of the most energetic Nidhi Company/ Mutual Benefit societies in India, Arthvaya India Nidhi Ltd provides the best financial products to their members. Right from basic products to exclusive products, we at Arthvaya India Nidhi make sure that our members get secure investments and great interest on their investments.
When it comes to opening a Savings Account with Arthvaya India over any other bank or other financial Insitution, Arthvaya India wins the race. This is because of the extra privileges that we are offering compared to any other financial institution. ‘No Frills Account’ is one such privilege that allows you to open a zero balance savings account with Arthvaya India. Also, our savings account interest rate is 5.25%* which payable on quarterly basis. Now this ultimately helps you make good savings. So open a savings account with Arthvaya India and get high saving interest rates.
Arthvaya India Nidhi is a Mutual Benefit Company headquartered in Gaya, Bihar. It is a nonbanking financial company doing the business of lending and borrowing between its members or shareholders... READ MORE