Fixed Deposit Plan
Arthvaya India Nidhi Limited
Fixed Deposit is available with various tenures which the members can choose as per their requirement. Attractive FD interest rates are offered based on the tenure of your Fixed Deposit. Have a look at the FD interest rates for different tenures.
12 Months 9.00%
24 Months 9.50%
36 Months 10.00%
48 Months 10.00%
60 Months 10.25%
Additional Special Interest Rates*
0.50% additional interest for women members on Fixed Deposit
0.50% additional interest for senior citizens (members above 50 years age) on Fixed Deposits
Special interest rates applicable as per Nidhi’s Terms & Conditions Interest rates effective from October 09, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tenure of Fixed Deposit?

A Fixed Deposit is available for various tenures like 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and a maximum tenure of 5 years.

What is the minimum investment amount for Fixed Deposit?

The minimum amount of investment is Rs. 1,000 for Fixed Deposit and after that, one can invest in multiples of Rs. 1000 in this product.

How much interest can a member earn in Fixed Deposit?

The interest rate of the product are as follows:-
• 1 Year – 9.00% Yearly
• 2 Years – 9.50% Yearly
• 3 Years – 10.00% Yearly
• 4 Years – 10.00% Yearly
• 5 Years – 10.25% Yearly

Is there any facility for prematurity in Fixed Deposit?

Members can premature the product as per the following rules:-
• <=24 months → Prematurity facility not available
• > 24 months → Member can avail prematurity

Is there any other facility for loan in Fixed Deposit?

Yes! Loan facility is available against Fixed Deposit as per the following rules:-
(A) After 24 months, the members can avail maximum 50% loan against their investment amount in FD. Interest rate will be applicable as per rules of the Nidhi.
(B) After 36 months, the member can avail maximum 100% loan against their investment amount in FD. Interest rate will be applicable as per rules of the Nidhi.

Are there any special benefits in the rate of interest for senior citizens and women?

Yes! A special benefit of 0.50% for women and 0.50% for senior citizens on basic rate of interest are applicable. If a woman is also a senior citizen, then she can get only one benefit.
Get Competitive Fixed Deposit Rates
Arthvaya India Nidhi Ltd. brings to you different investment schemes through which you can reap competitive interests and make your investments grow in a short period of time. Our Fixed Deposit scheme lets you invest your valuable savings at comparatively FD interest rates. Arthvaya India Nidhi allows you to invest in FD for a tenure minimum of 1 year and maximum of 5 years. As far as the deposit amount of Fixed Deposit is concerned, it can be as small as just ₹ 1000. Further, you can make an investment in the multiples of ₹ 1000. By making just small investments, you can reap visibly good returns at the end of tenure. Also, we offer you the best FD rates, ranging in between 9.00% and 10.25%. So invest in Arthvaya India Nidhi’s Fixed Deposit schemes today and get competitive returns on your investments.
Disclaimer: All the products and services of the Nidhi are exclusively available for members of Arthvaya India Nidhi Ltd. only.
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